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Eurobot 2012 – German round


We participated in German national round in Munich. We modified the robot from last year and repaired problem with the odometry. Competition was held 12.5.2011 in Munich University. Our robot finished in sixth position. Some photos are published and we will add more photos and movies. We enjoyed this event and thank guys from Munich […]

Eurobot 2012 – Homologation

We are preparing our robot for the competition. We do not have Czech national round this year and would like to participate in German national round and International final round in France.

Eurobot 2011 – German round

Deutchland Meisterschaft Ludwigshafen 2011 - 30

Host of Czech round, German team Turag, invited us to German round. Competition was held 28.5.2011 in Ludwigshafen near Mannheim. Our robot finished in fifth position. We enjoyed this event and thank Turag.

More information about German round (in German)

Our matches – videos


Eurobot 2011 – Czech round


We participated on Robotic Day 7.5.2011 in Prague. The main program was Eurobot competition “Chess’Up – Šachovaná”. Our robot played chess with other robots. We had some problems with independent odometry. Flamingos team was in eighth position and went not in international final.

Information about Robotic Day and Czech Eurobot round