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A few photos from Sick Robot Day 2016

This time we participated in the Sick Robot Day 2016 without robot as non-competing team members. We enjoyed the competition atmosphere with our friends from Charles University and Czech University of Life Sciences.
sick_robot_day_2016-1 sick_robot_day_2016-2 sick_robot_day_2016-3 sick_robot_day_2016-4 sick_robot_day_2016-5 sick_robot_day_2016-6 sick_robot_day_2016-7 sick_robot_day_2016-8 sick_robot_day_2016-9 sick_robot_day_2016-10 sick_robot_day_2016-13 sick_robot_day_2016-14 sick_robot_day_2016-15 sick_robot_day_2016-16 sick_robot_day_2016-17 sick_robot_day_2016-18 sick_robot_day_2016-19 sick_robot_day_2016-20 sick_robot_day_2016-21 sick_robot_day_2016-22

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