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Driver board is ready for testing

Driver board is soldered,  bootloader and firmware is flashed and it is time to spin the bldc motor.

New driver for BLDC

We was looking for reliable driver for BLDC motor for a long time. We found VESC – open source electronic speed controller for BLDC motor. It could be control via CAN bus and you can tune that using nice graphical user interface. We are going to solder five prototypes and test it. You can watch state of our work on our wiki.

Wish us luck, please:)

Robotic Day 2013

Our team participated in Robotic Day 2013 in Prague, Czech Republic. Our robot successfully finished competition Bear Rescue Advanced, but Ketchup House challenge scratched, because technical problem with CAN BUS was found.

You can see short video from this event on our YouTube channel.

See Robotic Day pages for more information about the challenge.

InstallFest at Strahov

Our supervisor Michal had presentation on InstalLfest where he presented “Jak na Linux v robotech i při jejich vývoji”

The links to videoarchiv or also his presentation.